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GRAPHIC DESIGNER @ Victoria Lansford, LLC


Beginning in 2015, I've had the great pleasure of working with acclaimed metalsmith, Victoria Lansford at her Atlanta, GA based company, Victoria Lansford, LLC, on a number of in house design projects.  Each new project is different: ranging from business cards, printed flyers, and social media ads to print/ibook design and publishing for projects such as her latest art and story book, Giving Voice : a print and animated ibook which contains a journey that can only be best described as "nothing short of magical"! 

PROJECT LIST (click a project to jump to it.)

Giving Voice
Flyers, Brochure, + More
Additional Work


Available Now!
In vivid print and animated iBook

Art and Story by Victoria Lansford

with an introduction by Nick Bantock

Giving Voice by Victoria Lansford  |  Photo editing + Print and Book design

Flyers, Brochures and More  |  Marketing / Advertisement

Additional Work  |  Miscellaneous Design

More work coming soon!

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