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Mailchimp, (initially an email marketing company, now a steadily rising all-in-one internet marketing platform), does more than just provide powerful email services to small business owners of all kinds: it also teaches it's customers best practices for the marketing tools they provide as well as tips for effectively branding and advertising on the web so that small business owners can spend more time running their business. As a technical content production intern, it was my job to assist my team in helping Mailchimp users accomplish this goal with ease.  Over the course of my internship, I completed several projects: Screen capturing, animation, illustration, and more. Here are a few of my favorites! 

PROJECT LIST (click a project to jump to it.)

Amelia's "Potted Planter"  |  Logo + Brand Identity

 Animated Mailchimp logo featured in the 2018 rebrand (above) 

*I do not own or claim to own any part of the Mailchimp brand

Potted Planter Anchor

Logo Design


Lettermark Favicon


Fleur Favicon

Deep Berry




Mint Breeze


Mint Breeze


Leafy Tan


Garden Glove


Color Palette


Animated Title Card Template  |  Motion Design

"Automation" Video Intro  |  2D Animation

Title Card Template
Automation Video Intro

Facebook Profile Image 1 (Left) + 2 (Right)

The Potted Planter Instagram Ad
The Potted Planter Facebook Profile Image 2
The Potted Planter Facebook Profile Image 1

Instagram Ad



 A short, 2D animated introduction sequence to the "Automation" video explaining how to use the  Mailchimp feature more efficiently. My goal was to update this animation in interpretation and style to fit the recent 2018 rebrand.


*I do not own or claim to own any part of the Mailchimp brand

Animated Title Card Template (Mailchimp)
Play Video
"Automation" Video Intro (Mailchimp)
Play Video

 Animated title card based on Mailchimps 2018 rebrand. 

*I do not own or claim to own any part of the Mailchimp brand

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