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ENVY CREATE + RAZER | Collateral Design


For this project, I teamed up with designers at Envy Create to brainstorm and design some cool giveaway prize concepts for RAZER's traveling exhibition booths to promote their brand and excite fans and new comers about their new gaming equipment. Here are a few of the designs from this project featuring characters from popular games.

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ENVY CREATE + RAZER | Collateral Designs

DISCLAIMER: I do not own or pretend to own D.Va, her mech, Noctis or the Regalia as original concepts or designs. D.Va is an original character of Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. Noctis is an official character Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV. I do not claim any ownership of their original design elements. 

Envy x Razer - Collateral Gallery
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