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BOCCHI | KBIS Showreels


Bocchi's luxury Turkish kitchen and bath appliances are coming to the States for the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. Working with a team of 4 designers, we created a line of elegant visuals that complimented Bocchi's brand and products while appealing to an American audience. My assignment for this project was to create a showreel for their kitchen sinks which was to be split into smaller parts for the show. Bocchi's top-of-the-line sinks are sculpted to fit the designer lifestyle of their original target audience. Although the cultures between Turkey and America differ greatly, the styles of sinks were interchangeable. This gave me the freedom to easily treat this showreel in a contemporary light. Clean graphics with short, informational tidbits worked best for this project, which would likely be surrounded by similar showreels in a very fast-paced environment. I added music to the reel to better catch the viewer's attention. To make it easier to clip into smaller parts, later on, I simply segmented each sink style and informational into separate reels so that it would be easy to quickly re-assemble them into any order necessary.


Bocchi | KBIS 2018 Full Tradeshow Reel

Bocchi | KBIS 2018 Full Tradeshow Reel

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