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ALAN TURING  | TV Biography Promo


Alan Turing is best known for his early contributions to modern computer technology when he created a device, now known as the Turing Machine, in 1936. As a team of three designers, we decided that we would build a marketing concept for a biography documentary highlighting Turing's life, work, and solemn end for a TV network most suited for this story: The Science Channel. Through research, our team recognized that his personal life, which he hid neatly behind his work life, would be a fresher way to approach this subject. In the end, I decided it would be best to bring out more humanistic aspects of Turing while hinting at the technology aspect of his life and career. The overlaying soundtrack of electronic vocalizations and dream-like hazy effects masking the graphics push this idea forward.


Alan Turing TV Promo  (30 Sec)

Alan Turing TV Promo (30 Sec)

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